Anchoring NLP
How Does It Work?

Anchoring NLP does empower you to command your physical and psychological resources for the highest performance.

In case of NLP anchors, an individual is empowered to command his physical and psychological resources for the highest performance.

This is possible by associating his psychological responses to a particular stimulus.

Anchoring is akin to Pavlov's experiment of conditioning the reflex of salivating in dogs in response to the sounding of bells, when this stimulus had already been associated to food.

However, in case of Neuro Linguistic Programming anchoring, it is not reflexes but voluntary and desired responses that are brought under one's command via the help of a stimulus.

A stimulus of a touch on the little finger can be anchored in association with a particular psychological state, say a boost of creativity. For such an association to be successful, repetition and reinforcement are necessary.

Anchoring is therefore of immense use for focusing awareness, re-accessing cognitive knowledge, relate experiences, consolidate meaning and transfer learning experiences in different contexts.

A positive state of emotions is prerequisite for the successful association of an anchor and its desired response.

An anchor stimulus introduced to a person when he is in an intense state of a certain emotion, is more likely to be successfully associated with the high state of energy and emotion it was originally coupled with.

Trainers therefore, prefer to introduce anchor stimuli when a person is about to attain the peak of motivation, energy, bliss or even distress.

A hand on the shoulder will work better as a stimulus to a positive response since the gesture is already associated with the feeling of warmth.

Sometimes environmental cues may work as covert anchors that are outside the realm of awareness. Such anchors may often be strong since they are free of conscious interference.

Through repetitive practice and judicious timing, Anchoring NLP can enrich simple actions or objects with the potential to usher in powerful desired responses whenever required.

Posted by Jan Heering
NLP Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute

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