What are the Causes
and Effects of Stress?

Causes and effects of stress are varied. This variation in causes and effects of stress is only because there is a variation and difference in circumstance and psychological set up.

The causes of stress should also be discovered for proper elimination of these conditions

Stress is a more common factor with women rather than men and stress is accompanied by several physiological abnormalities too.

Stress can cause immune response deficiency, memory loss and sudden gain in weight.

Causes of stress
In discussing about causes and effects of stress let us first take into account the reasons for which stress usually occur. Stress occurs due to stressors initiated by pressures of situation or the tension of being unsuccessful.

As a result of these stressors, the adrenaline hormones are released into the body making the heartbeat comparatively quick and irregular.

Causes and effects of stress

  • Some people feel stressed when they see physical violence. They cannot tolerate people fighting with one another.

  • Unemployment is a major reason for stress

  • If you are alcoholic and addicted to drugs, there is a strong chance for you to become stressed and tensed

  • When you lose someone very close, you are in great distress

  • When you are unable to compromise with the members of your family you become stressed as you get entangled into several family related problems

  • At times, you may feel that your marriage is becoming a stressful cause to spend time with one another. This may end up in a serious rift in form of a divorce

  • Lack of job and financial instability has always served as major causes for tensed and stressful life. If you are unable to make arrangements for the basic necessities you would never feel at ease

Effects of stress
Stress effects are no less significant. Some eminent physiological effects of stress are:
  • Sweating and sweaty palms

  • An ache in the back

  • A rapidity in your breathing system and heart beat

  • A stiffening and tightening of neck and shoulders

  • A sense of irritation and headache

  • An incident of upset stomach, nausea and diarrhea

Apart from causes effects of stress especially those psychological in nature deserve special mention, like the following
  • Most of the time you suffer from a general feeling of exhaustion

  • You feel unbearably irritated even at the occurrence of minor disturbances in life

  • You cannot focus or concentrate in your work

  • You capability of acting quickly to situations is greatly hampered and therefore you tend to lose essential opportunities in life

  • You always have a doubt about your own capacity. You feel that you are incapable of performing essential tasks in life

With stress, you are always haunted by negative feelings, worries and ideas. Causes effects of stress show to what extent human psychology can become victim of adverse situations and circumstances.

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