Costochondritis And Stress

The inevitable link between Costochondritis and stress is proved by researchers.

Studies have produced ample evidences of the fact that the Costochondritis condition is further aggravated by stress.

Here, it will be worthwhile to describe Costochondritis.

It is an inflammation of the costochondral joints (the cartilage that joins the ribcage to the breastbone, better known as sternum).

The condition causes severe pain or a stinging like sensation in the rib adjoining areas of the body. The pain is so acute that people often mistake it for a heart attack.

The relationship between Stress and Costochondritis becomes more pronounced while probing into the causes of Costochondritis. As such, Costochondritis may stem from minor injuries, distressing shocks and indulging in excessive or straining physical activities.

The Costochondritis condition worsens with stressful situations – causing the nerves to be jittery and the muscles taut.

In-depth studies and case-analysis have borne that under stressful circumstances the human mind takes up either a ‘fight it out’ attitude or a ‘take to flight’ attitude. The physical activities are only an interpretation of these daring or escapist attitudes.

Studies have also proved that when the mind gets no food for taking up such stressful attitudes, the muscles are comparatively relaxed and the nerves calmer.

Now that the connection between the two is finally established, researchers and medical practitioners are on the lookout for unconventional solutions to the Costochondritis situation.

Thus, though the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) is common, doctors usually prescribe anti-stress drugs, relaxing attitudes and less stressful indulgences to combat Costochondritis.

Some useful alternative treatments of Costochondritis are supplements that reduce inflammation. Examples of such supplements are evening primrose oil, ginger root, omega-3 oils, vitamin E and white willow bark. Alternative therapies include acupuncture and massages.

The existing link between Costochondritis and Stress has also helped work out ways to prevent the occurrence of Costochondritis. Moreover, in this regard, emphasis is being laid on the avoidance of stressful activities.

Costochondritis and stress is proved by researchers. Disclaimer
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