A Simple EmoTrance Trial For You

First, can you accept the idea that any feeling or sensation that does not have an actual physical reason for being there in the now (for example, something really pushing you, or your heart beating strongly because you are really running) is the result of an underlying disturbance in your energy body that gets transmitted straight to your awareness through the "feelings" system of the physical body?

If the answer is yes, then we can procede.

The basic idea of EmoTrance is that all energy needs to flow, and that we have specific channels in our body to take the energies of the Universe in, through and out.

When this energy flow gets blocked or disturbed badly enough, we get to feel
pain - normally emotional pain as we think of it but there are always corresponding body sensations, such as a pressure in the head, butterflies in the stomach, a weight on the chest, a tension in the back of the neck and so on.

As intention works beautifully and very effectively with energy flow, we can simply encourage the flow of any incoming energy through its rightful channels. Now, most people who see an EmoTrance demonstration for the first time are quite amazed and say, "But isn't it really difficult to move energy like that? How do you know which way it wanted to go? How do you learn to do that?"

The truly wonderful and surprising thing about doing this is that it is completely natural and easy - apart from a very few highly disassociated individuals who also cannot make any of the other energy therapies work (such as EFT, TFT, TAT and so forth), the vast majority of the population can just do this, without any training, any meditation, anything at all really. Even and especially small children simply respond to the suggestion or idea that this feeling or emotion they are having is due to a stuck thing could be softened and allowed to go where it needed to will simply nod and say, "Ok, yes, it's beginning to move ..."

EmoTrance Self Help Protocol

I would now invite you to try the following exercise for yourself.

Get a piece of paper, and on that paper write down something you really don't like to hear about yourself or that people have said to you in the past and which has caused you pain, if not agony. Good candidates are comments such as, "You are useless." - "You are ugly." - "You are worthless." - "You are stupid." - "I don't love you anymore." or any suchlike energy messages that you would experience as being very painful to you and best prevented from ever coming your way again.

This piece of paper will broadcast the energetic message to you in the absence of a helpful other who can shout the words at you with meaning. Write out the statement in the "you" form as suggested above, turn the paper face down and take a deep breath.

Now, turn it right side up, allow the energy of the statement to come to you and take note as to where you feel this in your body.If you feel nothing at all as you are reading such a statement, you will need to back up and find something really hurtful to you personally. Perhaps you have body image issues that could be used with this such as believing you have a big nose, your hips are too wide or your arms too puny. Perhaps your parents, caretakers or teachers had a particularly nasty phrase with which to hurt you on a regular basis; use that for this exercise.

The important first step is to feel the response to the incoming energy in your body.

With EmoTrance beginners, we use these negatives because many people are used to not paying attention to body signals of this nature or have trained themselves to block them out or ignore them completely; a heavy shot across the bows provides a clear cut experience for a first trial and that is always very useful in order to give you both the confidence and the experience to start working with more subtle forms of energies later on.

Now that we have located the place where you feel these sensations in your body we turn our attention to this erea. You might like to place your hands on that place to help you keep your focus and now, consider that these sensations are simply caused by a disturbance or blockage in your energy body and that the channels absolutely exist to move this energy in, through and out very successfully.

Pay attention and ask yourself, "Where would this energy like to go?"

Most people get an immediate idea - it might want to go up or down, left or right, it matters not. If you do not get such an indication, read your statement again to bring the sensations right back to full strength and this time, be ready to soften the energy which is causing these physical sensations (when there is actually nothing physically visible at all touching you in physicality) around the edges, just a little bit, like a little steam would come off a block of ice and as it rises, it will show you the channels that were supposed to take this energy if it was in flow (but cannot take or transport this energy in the form of a big blocked up ice cube, if you will).

Then, you let it soften more and flow out entirely.

Repeat this process until you can look at the statement on the paper, and the energy flows freely and readily into you, through the requisite channels and out, leaving you feeling energised and entirely undisturbed by this particular form of energy.

If you have a friend to try this with, so much the better - they can say the statement repeatedly to you and also help you move the energy with their intention too.

Have a play - EmoTrance is easy, natural and amazingly versatile. Best of all, you cannot do it wrong and it becomes a habit so that emotions that used to disturb you will simply flow away without even having to pay much attention with a bit of practise.

You can also draw in energy from just about anything around you, and don't forget to play with positive statements. Try it in the mirror with affirmations and make them really flow through your system. The possibilities of healing and growth are really quite endless.

Delighted to share this simple but very, very useful system with you,

All the best,

Silvia Hartmann, PhD

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