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My friend Jonathan is podo phobic or has fear of feet, as it is commonly known. He hates anyone or anything touching his feet. He himself does not prefer touching his own feet.

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When I asked him about his unusual behavior and whether it is a reality that he is afraid of his feet or is it just a myth?

He explained, “Sorry friend, can't say. I always feel that my feet are dirty and they may get more sullied if I walk through dirty areas. I feel mad to have dirty feet and therefore I hate feet contacts”.

I told my friend that for his recovery, NLP self-help was the best help.

Fear of feet or podophobia is an irrational state of mind that makes one feel absolutely irritated to have a sight of feet, to touch the feet or even discussion about feet.

Under such circumstances, you don't even let others touch your feet. It is difficult to say how you feel, but what you feel is utterly irritating.

People generally know fear of feet as podophobia. Such a condition of fear ruins the quality of your life and makes you feel going out of control. When you find someone behaving so peculiarly with his feet, you may find it immensely funny, but it is in no way amusing.

A state of fear is not at all a matter of great amusement and if you continue to behave carelessly, the matter may tend to become even more serious.

Podophobia makes you behave abnormally. You always prefer to keep your feet covered with shoes and socks even while sleeping.

Some of the most common symptoms of fear of feet include:

  • You feel exceedingly terrified and queasy

  • You experience rapid heart beat

  • You find it very difficult to breathe properly

  • You feel like fleeing from the situation

  • You perspire a lot

Fear of feet is illogical and the condition is in no way mordacious. When you have stepped into adulthood, you realize that there is nothing to be afraid of feet, but you really don't know how to overcome the fear.

This affects your psychology and you cannot control your feet concerning trepidation. Thus, gradually you become a victim of anxiety and full-blown panic attacks.

How does NLP self help techniques help in combating podophobia?
Self-help NLP procedure is indeed a make believe process. It brings about a transformation in your mental “constructs” and helps you live for the better.

With self help NLP techniques, you come to understand the irrationality of podophobia and this definitely helps you perform logically in life, especially when it comes to feet related phobias.

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