NLP Communication Model
How Does It Work?

NLP communication model incorporates two basic hypotheses in life.

They are the mode of communication and transformation.

Primarily it is essential for us to bring about necessary changes in our character and behavior so that we can communicate with others more easily and spontaneously.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder together came forward with the NLP communication model. The model explains the relationship between an external event and an internal situation of mind and body.

It is all about our reaction towards any particular external event or happening. The reaction can be of different types. We may feel motivated, challenged, pleased, excited as well as annoyed.

However, what we feel is not important but how we behave to our feelings is what really matters.

NLP communication model helps us to behave rationally in accordance to various external events.

These exterior procedures may be visual (what we see), auditory (what we hear), kinesthetic (what we feel), olfactory (what we smell) and gustatory (what we taste).

Therefore, the internal situation of mind and body depends upon these five basic human senses.

According to this communication model, deletion, distortion and generalization are the three processes, which occur during the process of receiving an external event.

In case of deletion, we are unable to pay equal attention to our entire experience. Thus, certain portion of our experience is automatically overlooked or omitted.

In the communication model according to NLP distortion occurs due to misinterpretations of reality. For example when we are walking on the road, we may visualize something like a snake and react all of a sudden.

However, on a close analysis we feel embarrassed to discover that it was just a piece of rope and nothing else. In case of generalization, we come to any conclusion very quickly just depending upon one or two experiences that we may come across.

The communication model relates that a normal human conscious mind can handle seven informational items at a time.

They have an advanced capacity of memorizing and relating matters in comparison to other normal human beings. The above mentioned three processes of deletion, distortion and generalization have evolved from our senses based on one of our five filters.

These filters are Meta Programs, belief systems, values, decisions, and memories.

This communication model tell us that that the five filters will determine the type of internal representation we would be experiencing.

This internal representation puts us in a certain state and creates a specific kind of physiology. This internal representation will decide how are we to behave.

Thus, according to NLP communication model it is evident that our experience greatly influences our behavior and our way of representing our selves.

It is here that Neuro Linguistic Programming helps us in shaping our thoughts and emotions and teaches us the right way of influencing others through our deeds and actions.

Posted by Jan Heering
NLP Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute

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