Physical Signs Of Stress

There are numerous physical signs of stress that most of us are not aware.

Most of you confuse stress related diseases with other illnesses.

This confusion should be erased and you should have proper knowledge of what is the cause behind the illness you are suffering, whether it is due to stress and pressure or not.

The first advice you should follow is never to ignore any kind of illness. Further, if it is related to stress you should definitely not ignore them since many of these diseases may even turn incurable.

You should also know the physical symptoms of stress that are causing your body distress. Always consult a doctor. Going for professional help is also very much advisable.

Sometimes life itself can be overwhelming. You feel like running away from your responsibilities. You feel like everything in you has given up hope. This is a time when your body is totally stressed out.

Your body muscles and tissues are stretched to its limit. This is when your body starts producing “fight or flight” chemicals. These chemicals prepare your body for any impending emergency.

Few of the physical signs of stress are increase in your heart rate and blood pressure due to adrenaline and noradrenaline. This also makes you perspire more than you normally do. Sometimes with the decrease of blood flow, your skin and stomach activity may be hampered.

However, these chemicals only help you when your body is in the move. If you are stranded somewhere in a crowded place these chemicals in turn damage your physical and mental health.

Other physical symptoms stress are back, shoulder or neck pain; insomnia or disturbed sleep; headaches including migraine attacks; acidity, stomach upset, constipation; weight or hair loss; high blood pressure, chest pain, irregular heart beat and so on.

Even physical symptoms of stress can be skin diseases, jaw pain, reproductive problems, sweaty or cold palms.

The reasons that lead to such problems can be undue tension, stress, anxiety, change of lifestyle, or even other mental or psychological traumas. Stress may lead to tension attacks that may give rise to further panic attacks.

You might always stay tense when the next attack would come. This intensifies your worries more and more.

Ignoring to visit a physician may lead to fatal consequences. Instead, explain what your problems are, in details. Go through tests and examinations if necessary. Then get the required treatments.

There are many self-help programs regarding panic attacks for your benefit. You can try those workshops too.

Always keep telling yourself that the panic attacks would not be able to destroy you. Instead you are to destroy them. It is only you, who can deal with physical symptoms of stress.

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